June 24, 2009

Six Days, Doldrums Likely (On Tweets and Such)

So I was laid off today. I knew it was coming, but I as expecting it to be Thursday. I'm not upset or anything (I still got paid as if I worked the next two days) but now I'm realizing I have six days to kill before Chicago. Yeesh.

I've been watching a lot of Wired Science lately, and the most recent episode I watched featured Rainn Wilson being very awkward, which brings me to tonight's topic: Twitter.

Will Leitch (look him up, he may be my favorite writer at the moment) wrote an excellent column for Deadspin about Twitter and it turns out not only is he awesome at writing he also uses Twitter for the same reason I do: it's like an RSS feed with more to offer. I get updates from my favorite sport blogs (Sportress of Blogitude, ProFootballTalk, Deadspin) webcomics (Explosm, SMBC, ALP) and then I still get links and quotes from Rainn Wilson (who is awesome and talks about SoulPancake a LOT), John Cusack (who alternates between asking about bars and quoting Keats, no kidding), and Michael Ian Black (who may be the funniest man in 140 characters or less, all time, hyuk). And a lot of other people I don't have time to mention, including Shaq, who is a modern Plato.

Anyway, I know hating on Twitter is in vogue, but the fact of the matter is any time a lot of people use something there will be something cool.

And check out Will Leitch on Twitter and at his blog. He is the man.
Sorry for the excessive links today, but you'll get over it or find a cool site or two in the, I promise. Or else. Please?

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