January 08, 2009

Post-Foosball Madness

So last night the gang got together and had an epic Foosball tournament, which Gene dominated in a very Canadian fashion. I was playing pretty well at first, but then I got a few drinks in me and that was the end of any foosball talent I might have been accumulating.

I went and talked to a therapist for about 4 hours yesterday, which was not very much fun. We seriously didn't even finish my intake paperwork. So what I thought was going to be a relatively quick and painless route towards finding out if I'm nuts is turning about to be a one month process just to get started. He says I have severe depression mixed with ADHD. If anyone reading this knows me and is surprised by that, let me know.

I feel like I'm listening to less music when I'm by myself these days and I have no idea why. I have more music on my external hard drive than I've had at any time in my life in CD/tape/vinyl form, but for some reason I rarely actually listen to anything. Hopefully my new problem will eliminate this problem, since I won't be blogging/watching colbert/listening to music/setting my alarm in my living room anymore.
Seriously, why on earth would you only put one phone jack in the house? And in the kitchen? Ugh. My current house sucks, but it's satisfying knowing I've made it so much shittier this year.

So the last few years not being weird enough, and the last 8 months not being painful enough, it feels like all the people I screwed up relationships with in the past are coming back around, and I still feel ill-prepared to deal with people personally. Aside from Gene and Dr. Bedard, I don't really feel all that cheerful around other people.

I want a pet, but my roommate is allergic to cats. Is a dog in an apartment doable? It seems cruel to me, but it will just encourage me to take the dog on walks all the time right?
I probably should just stick with a goldfish or something.
I wish I could get a hedgehog. Or an ocelot.

Now that people are done writing, I have to admit: I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks the best things of 2008 were.
The Fest was rad.
Other than that, I'm pretty sure nothing happened that made 2008 "special". We're still fighting a bloody, pointless war. We still have a government that treats us with no respect. We still have people going hungry. And just about everyone, including myself, is still paralyzed in the dream of the pursuit of happiness, trapped in the amber of contentment. I heard recently that some people have a theory we're all trapped in the year 50 A.D. and there's an evil demon who's making us forget Christ is coming back, and all of human history is the sum of the people under the influence of the evil spell. Supposedly, enlightenment will come and we'll all be freed from the spell. I don't know how much of that I agree with, but there's some metaphor available for the cynical of heart in there.

People are waking here. I think I'm going to try and write more later, but eh. Maybe not.

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